[v6 General Discussion] Changing song background

I am still trying to convince my team to change to EW6.
Yesterday I loaded a series of songs into a schedule and one of them had a different background to all the others. Our standard is white on black but one had a coloured background.
I could find a way of moving a black rectangle onto the slide but not of changing the background. (we have no themes set up as all we want is white on black.
We reverted to using EW2009!
What are we missing?

You can do one of two things.
Edit the song and click Inspector, Presentation, then revert to global.
Or you can create a new song theme that just has a black background and drag it onto the song.
This video will show you how to reset the song to the default theme.
http://training.easyworship.com/support ... 6000078247
Thanks Rodger for the answer and the link.
However, when I try it, it doesn't change! I've watched the video twice and seem to be doing everything right and I've also tried changing the background on another song, one already using the default, and the button is grey showing that it does recognize that the one I want to change is different.
Also, when I try changing the font on the song, that doesn't work either.
I am using build ion Windows 10.
Please send one of your problem songs to us in a schedule to support@easyworship.com