[v6 General Discussion] MP4 and PPT issues

Over the last couple of weeks have been noticing some problems with EW 7

Yesterday we held a funeral for one of our church members. When it came time to run a MP4 file with photos and music, EW just wouldn't display it. I had run the file before the service and all was fine. Went into task manager and noted that the CPU was running at 100%. Shut down EW, and reopened it and CPU dropped back to reasonable levels and the MP$ projected perfectly. What would be causing this?

Also, I've noted that the PPT's used for our sermons over the last few week have been slow going live. We can click on the Go Live button and it takes 5-10 seconds for the first image to show. Once it's there, there rest are fine.

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What is the CPU type and Speed? Example: 3.0 GHz Intel i5 or i7 Processor

The amount of RAM? Example:8 GB RAM

What video graphics card? Example: NVIDIA GeForce GT 250, AMD Raedeon 4650 or Intel3000

What version of Windows? Example: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10