[v6 General Discussion] Easy Worship starts flashing off and on

This past week after having been on vacation I set up our schedule and had issues within the program when working on one of the songs with the program flashing off and on to the point where I couldn't shut down the program or the computer except to use the power button (I found out this issue was going on in January also). I updated Windows and today came back to my sign in screen, signed in and after completing practice and beginning service at the first song it began doing this leaving me no alternative but to reboot.

Both Windows 10 and Easy Worship are up to date. We are using a new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming computer (the rest of the specifics I don't have at the moment, but can get). (Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - 256GB Solid State Drive - most likely what it is close to)

Looking for suggestions about what is going on and how to resolve it, please.


If you click on HELP//BACKGROUND HELPER what does it show? Is it trying to build icons or is anything going on there?
Terry, there was nothing going on in Background Helper. I ended up calling in and one of the techs remoted in to my computer to find that the NVIDIA graphics card was not set to be used all the time. However the next Sunday, the problem occurred again and I had to reboot.

I checked if there were any updates to our laptop that needed to be made as some others were having issues with that same one, and it was suggested to update the BIOS, which I did today. So we'll see if the issues are over next Sunday.

Thanks for your response, and I'll also respond if something happens again. The issue was not happening when using Powerpoint. It's difficult to know when a problem occurs if it is the "program" one is using, or issues on the computer.

I was grateful for Easy Worship's support the day I called. Keep up the good work.
PowerPoint isn't going to push the graphics card as hard as EW. So we may just be pushing the computer harder and causing the problem to show itself. This is definitely not something we have seen before.