[v6 General Discussion] New PC - Song Editor incomplete

Song editor and Presentation editor don't show the main slide being worked on in the big panel on the right. The words are there and can be edited, but there is no view of the slide in the big panel. This is a fresh install on a new laptop. What have I done? It's there in all my other installs on other equipment.

This means that DirectX isn't working on this computer for some reason.
You might need to update the video card driver.

What are the computer specifications? Especially the video card.

In EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED and try checking the box the reads "Disable GPU Shrink Filter" and click OK and see if this will help.
DirectX 12 appears to be running. It's a brand new Lenovo Miix 520 (i5) with Intel HD Graphics 520 which I know does not match the minimum spec, but EW has run on other even lower spec'd equipment (eg Linx 10 tablet) and it's not being asked to do anything fancy. EW was about the first software I installed after unwrapping it. Enabling/Disabling GPU shrink filter makes no difference.
I have a Lenovo Flex with the Intel i5 / 620 graphics and it does not have this issue.
Are you plugged into a docking station or a usb 3.0 or C port replicator?
I would go to the MFG website and see if there are any updates for it. Even if it is brand new out of the box the drivers could have been install whenever it was boxed which could be a year ago.

If that does not work we will need to create a ticket for this.
Terry and Roger: thanks for your time on this. As the 2in1 tablet/laptop is below recommended spec for EW I can't expect you to spend a lot of time resolving this. I am trying to update graphics drivers etc and will come back to you if, or when, anything works. EW is usable, it's just the editor that curiously has this feature missing. The output, via Type C adaptor to either VGA or HDMI seems OK. Again, thank you, and I will pick this up again if anything changes.
If you are using a USB C adapter, that may be the problem. Please remove the usb-c adapter and uninstall the software for it. Then see if the editor works properly.
Hi Rodger. I have resetting the laptop to its factory settings and installed EW6 and Editor is now presenting the way I am used to with a big slide in the right hand panel. I guess it may have been a Type C adapter driver problem - that seems to be the only thing that could have affected it although my Type C adapter(s) don't appear to have installed any drivers this time round and they still appear to work. Bottom line ... EW6 (and EW7) run as expected after factory resetting the laptop so I'm happy with that.