[v6 General Discussion] Problems with AlphaChannel on Blackmagic ATEM1 and NVIDIA 1050


I am trying to use AlphaChannel on EW6.7.8.0 with my outputs being sent to a Blackmagic ATEM1 M/2 Switcher.

However, EW is making the video driver to crash when i go live.

This only happends when i enable Alphachannel on one of the outputs. If instead i used foldback, i dont have any issues.

I tried the same setup with pc monitors and its all fine. Not sure why the combination of blackmagic, nvidia, and ew6 is not working out.


intel i7 6700k
Nvidia gtx 1050 Gigabyte 2gb
16GB Ram
Connecting to ATEM 1 M/E 2 HDMI ports (at 1080i 30hz)
Main pc monitor is at 1080p 60hz

Any help is appreciated


This isn't something we've seen before. I recommend starting with reinstalling the video driver using advanced options and checking the box to do a clean install. Then see how it behaves.
Are all connections connected directly to the video card?

I was able to figured it out. It is a Nvidia driver issue with the latest driver. I installed one of the oldest drivers that i could find in Nvidia's website.

This is a new pc i built so i was using the latest drivers from nvidia.