[v6 General Discussion] New Laptop - No DVD


We have a new laptop, but it does not have an internal DVD drive. We do not use DVD clips very often, and I do have an external DVD drive, but I cannot add a new clip using it. The drive is re recognised, but it does not play the DVD within EasyWorship, although VLC does. I have checked all the codecs and re-installed DScaler without any success.

I assume it is due it being an external drive? If this is the case, is there any work around as fewer laptops seem to come with internal DVD's and replacing this one is not an option.

Any help would be appreciated.


We have tested it and it works with the external drives that we have used. You may need to make sure that if there are specific drivers for it that you have updated them with the most current one from the manufacturers website.
Hmm, I’ve checked all the drivers and they are up to date.

Do you have a list of drives you have tried and succeeded with. I’ve tried 2 different drives now. The DVD drive is recognised within EasyWorship, but not the DVD. We have VLC is stalled on the laptop and that works perfectly.

Any other thoughts