[v6 General Discussion] Songs easily deleted from schedule

Sorry for this question but I have searched and found one post (see bottom) but that concerns deleting songs from the database.

Our keyboard has the Page Down key next to the Delete key and sometimes I hit the Delete key at the same time. No problem but it deletes the song without asking. Is there a Ctrl-Z (undo) option or is there a way to force EW to ask for verification. This is not good when the band is playing and instead of the next song being presented we are restarting the application.



I realized I didn't ask my question!

Is there a way to force the application to delete a song, from the schedule, after confirmation? Alternatively, is there an Undo last change that would instantly restore the deleted song(s)?

I am sorry but not yet.
Does that mean this mean EW will have this feature added or does it mean there are no plans?


One other option would be to allow something like Ctrl-Down Arrow be the Go Live. Down arrow to select next slide and Ctrl-Down arrow to select next (targeted) item in schedule to be selected.