[v6 General Discussion] Set song in DB back to default background

We have songs in the database with special backgrounds selected. In previous versions, I was able to select the "default" background to remove the special background. (We change our default backgrounds every month.) Am I able to do this in version 6.7.8? If so, how? If not, is there a work-around?
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In EasyWorship 6, the backgrounds are essentially called Themes. You can set a new default song theme by clicking the Themes tab, and then right-clicking the song theme you want, and then click on Set as Default Song Theme.

Now if you have a song that you have already manually edited in your database that is not using the default theme, then you will need to right-click on that song and click Edit Song. In the Song Editor window, you will need to hit Ctrl+A to highlight all of the slides. Then click the Theme button at the top and then go down to More Themes, and then select the Theme that you set as the default. This will change all of the slides in that song to be using the default theme.

The other option, is if you want all of your songs to be reset to the default theme. At the top of EasyWorship, you will click on Profiles, and in the drop-down, move your cursor to Utilities, and then click on Reset Songs to Default Theme. This will now reset all your songs to the default theme.