[v6 General Discussion] Exclamation mrk on video thumbnails


I recently set up EW 6 on a new laptop which will be used as a back up in case of emergencies. I copied the database from our main computer (still using EW 2009) as per the instructions I found on the website.

When I looked at the media tab, I noticed that the Video file were all black and had exclamation marks against them. After slapping myself in the head, I copied the video files from the old computer to the laptop. When I went back into EW6, the video files showed in the thumbnails and I was able to play them, but the exclamation mark was still there.

How can I get rid of the exclamation marks?


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You can try doing a Ctrl+a to select everything in the folder.
Then, right-click and 'refresh' the images/videos.

If that does not take care of the issue,
You can delete the ones with the exclamation points and re-import them into the program.