[v6 General Discussion] Remote clicker of choice

We are looking to replace our remote clicker. Are there any that work better with EW or that you would avoid when using EW?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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I am having good success with the Logitech R800. It has a 30 meter range. You might need to tweak the setting though to make it work in EW. Logitech also make an R 400 15 M range, and R 700 - unsure of its range.

Over the years, I have used different remotes in EW and the big issue with them all is - the operator!. The remote operator that is. People press the wrong buttons, fiddle with buttons - which does things you don't expect and press buttons when they should not, all which can be annoying for the EW operator.

We have tweaked the hotkeys.ini file so the only thing that works is to advance the slide. That now saves us having everything go black, or do other things without warning.

Another local church is using a Keyspan with good success. Again the hotkeys.ini file has been tweaked.

PM me and I could send you a copy of our Hotkeys.ini file with the extra function removed - if you wanted to use a Logitech that is, Or, I could get a copy of the Keyspan file as well if you decided on the Keyspan.

There are other remote that will also work but I have not used them.