[v6 General Discussion] Kerning (letter spacing) uneven

Im using vs6 of EasyWorship and no matter which font I use the kerning (letter spacing) is off. Particularly around the letters M, S and E. It is terribly distracting. Please help.[attachment=0:nmqshbih]Screenshot_1.jpg[/attachment:nmqshbih]

What version of 6 are you on?
It looks like you are using all caps for your songs. Are you typing in all caps or using the capitalize all words option?
What font are you using?
If you don't use all caps does this occur?
Are you typing the song in, copying and pasting or importing from SongSelect?
Hi Rodger,

We are on

We use the capitalize all option in Trade New Gothic. I have tried changing the font though and the problem persists.

We only recently started using SongSelect but copied and pasted the words in before that.
I have created a ticket so that we can work on this. You should have it in your email.
Any update on this topic from a year ago? I can't find an answer or a way to do it in EW6.