[v6 General Discussion] EW Search Bug still not fixed.

I reported a Search Bug and got a reply from ERICH that it was being dealt with despite it not appearing on the bug forum. I have attached the wording of the bug report and a jpg showing the error in the listing. Typing in the search "There's a Place" does not find the song but shows "There's a Land" and will not accept the 'P' of Place. The ticket was #22031 and was opened on the 5th July. I received this reply from Your EasyWorship Support Team on the 17th July by email, saying:

It looks like your ticket has been answered! If you require any further assistance regarding this issue, please follow this link https://support.easyworship.com/helpdesk/tickets/22031 to reply to the ticket.
This ticket will automatically close after one week of inactivity.

I assumed that it would be fixed with this update but it's still just the same and not mentioned on your latest update fixed bug list.

This causes difficulty as operators assume the song is not present in the database but it actually is, only the search system can't find it. As you can see from the jpg 'Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord' appears between 'There's a Work for Jesus' and There's a Land' and none of them are in alphabetical order.

I hope this can be rectified very soon as it affects other songs too.

Thanks David

Please try going to the profiles menu, then utilities and click on rebuild search keys.
This was addressed, it was somehow missed when updating the changelog.
Thanks for the reply Roger. After updating to EW automatically rebuilt the search keys but I've done as you requested but it still doesn't find 'There's a Place, There's a Quiet, There's a Sound, There's a Wideness or There's a Work'. But it will find 'There's a Land and There's Something'. It still lists 'Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord' between these two groups of 'There's ...'
So it doesn't appear to work any differently to 6.7.5.
Were these songs typed in, or imported somehow? We've added all forms of the apostrophe so that it would be recognized by search. If you can, add these songs to a schedule and send them to support so we can determine what is different from your songs and the songs we are using for testing. I know that if I type in a title like this and import form SongSelect it works fine.
I recreated the titles you have in the screenshot and they search properly.
[attachment=1:355xypm5]search issue 1.PNG[/attachment:355xypm5]

I noticed that your sort order is way off too.
Please go to the Profiles menu, then Profiles Manager.
Select your profile on the left then click edit on the right.
Click Sort Order
Change it to the opposite setting that is currently set.
Click OK and close the profile editor and see what happens.
[attachment=0:355xypm5]Profile sort order 1.PNG[/attachment:355xypm5]
Hi Roger, tried that but just the same even after rebuilding song keys again. But I have fixed it by selecting all the songs that EW couldn't find and adding them to the schedule, then renaming them to exactly the same titles without copy and paste. Using 'check for changes' I updated the database and voilĂ ! The songs sorted correctly.

The songs would have been added/migrated from our original EW2007 database (WinXP) over successive updates/upgrades during the last 10 years so possibly the apostrophe had a different code to the standard one. Also this only came to light since about version 6.5 as we never had a problem before and "There's a Place where the Streets Shine" is one of our churches favourite songs and is sung very regularly. It was trying to find that song that I realised there was an issue with the sort system.
Thanks for your help, David
We found the true problem. The conversion simply wasn't happening, so the issue wasn't getting fixed. 6.7.7 fixes the conversion problem.
Thanks Roger