[v6 General Discussion] DVD Playback Issues

I am having issues with getting DVD Clips to play once I have added them to a schedule. I can go in and set the Mark-in and Mark-out and save the clip to the Media Tab, but once you try to play the video from the schedule it starts the DVD from the Beginning every time. This has happened since I updated to EW It has done it with a television Show DVD and now a full length feature film. Looking for an answer as it's frustrating when it was working fine a month ago (before the update.)

Unfortunately the DVD decryption mechanism in windows has changed at some point. We will hopefully have an update out soon to fix this issue. You may be able install 6.5.5 and get it to work, but I'm thinking it's going to be a problem there, since there was a change in Windows.

Well We will make it work for the moment.

Thanks a lot Windows for screwing that up.