[v6 General Discussion] Mouse Problem

At times, I am having problems when using the mouse in EasyWorship. Sometimes it takes two clicks on the [color=#FF0000:1h00ydb6]CLEAR[/color:1h00ydb6] button to actually get the words to clear off the screen. Sometimes when [color=#FF0000:1h00ydb6]Go Live[/color:1h00ydb6] is clicked, it will advance two items in the schedule. Sometimes when selecting scripture to add to the schedule, it will go on the screen even though it has only been clicked once. What seems to be happening is that EasyWorship in interpreting a single click as a double click sometimes. This doesn't happen all of the time. I was thinking it was a problem with the mouse, but EasyWorship is the only place this happens on the computer. We have EasyWorship 6 with the latest update. We are using a USB mouse on a Windows 10 machine.

Is there anyone else that has had this happen?

Is the mouse wireless or wired? Have you tried a different mouse?
It is wired. I am going to try a different mouse. What's strange is that EasyWorship is all that is affected. It seems to happen after a Powerpoint has been run.
I found this post about someone else having a mouse problem. It involved a large Powerpoint file.


Our weekly announcements are a Powerpoint file that is generally a 50 MB file or larger. Could this cause a problem? The problem with the mouse seems to happen after this file has been run in EasyWorship.