[v6 General Discussion] invalid item pop up window

On Friday 7/21 I was working in Easy Worship to finish schedule for Sunday. The schedule is prepared by the music office then saved on my hard drive documents folder from their office. On this day many of the items I clicked on to review in the live window would not go live but a window popped up but I don't remember the exact wording. It said something about an invalid item (0) and when I clicked ok or hit the x to close the pop up window EW6 automatically had the song attached to the pointer like a drag and drop item and I had to drop it off the schedule area so it wouldn't change something I didn't want it to change.

Any idea what this code means and how I can correct it in the future should it pop up again? I tried closing and reopening the schedule and even restarted my computer but the pop up window still appeared. I finally gave up and went home but on Saturday the secretary tried to edit a song on the schedule from her office computer and thought she had done so but changes would not happen and on Sunday we didn't have the problem of the pop up window. I figured out what the problem was with editing but only hoped the pop up window didn't show up again during the Sunday service. It did not but I want to know what it meant and how to correct whatever problem it is referring to if I can.
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It could have been a random error. If it happens consistently and it is reproducible then we can figure out what is causing it.