[v6 General Discussion] Capture Card Works for both EW2009 And EW6

Hi can you suggest any capture card for live video feeds , that will work for both EW6 and EasyWorship 2009.

Before, we are running Easyworship 2009 using winfast VC100XP capture card ( PCI ) for live video feeds and its work fine for years.

But Now we set a new computer, with this specs :
Kabylake i5-7400
Asrcok B250M Pro 4 ( have 1 slot PCI )
8 GB Ram
We not yet decide for video cards ( Use onboard temporary ) because we have digital-analog connection issues for our existing 2 analog monitor, maybe we will go for nvidia gtx1050.
Windows Home 10 , 64 bit.

then i just found out that our old winfast VC100XP capture card don`t have driver for windows 10.

Since we still need to run EW2009 and EW6 on this new computer because not all operators can operate EW6.
So we need to buy new capture card/device for live video feeds that support by EW6, EW2009 and have driver for Windows 10.

Thank You



I am sorry but we do not have any current cards tested for EasyWorship 2009 since it is not longer being updated. This is a list of the cards that we previously tested. http://throwback.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/6000028742-recommended-capture-cards-ew-2009-:gg3arfkz]Recommended Capture Cards (EW 2009)

Here is a list of the capture cards tested for EasyWorship 6.

We have tested & verified the following video capture devices will work with EasyWorship.

Magewell USB Capture HDMI or SDI Driverless (USB 3.0)
Magewell XI200XUSB (USB 3.0)
AJA U-TAP Driverless (USB 3.0)
Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle (USB)
Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K (PCIe X4)

Note: Due to issues with older BlackMagic Design drivers, we recommend only installing Desktop Video 10.8.4. If you have installed a previous version, you'll need to uninstall it and install 10.8.4 from the BMD website.
Ok Terry,

So I think we must prepare to use only EW6 and prepare our computer to support ew6 and train all the operators.

Since the only product available in indonesia based on the list given for ew6 only BM Design Intensity Shuttle (USB 3.0), we will buy that one.

Thank You
I am using an Avermedia card for capturing HDMI into EW, . There are several models of their cards most with HDMI and some with other video inputs as well. They are usually referred to as Game Capture cards but work with both EW 2009 and EW 6.
Ok Thank You so much Alvin,
I will try to look out for avermedia card.