[v6 General Discussion] Update 7.5 problem

Everything was working fine in Easy Worship 6, however, following the latest update to 7.5, I can no longer add a PowerPoint to the schedule. I right click on the schedule; go to Add an Item; Add PowerPoint and EW6 stops working. I can add a media item but just not a PowerPoint. The only way to get it into the schedule is to go to Presentations on the bottom tool bar and import it.


Make sure that you are not using the PowerPoint Viewer. In EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED and un-check the use PowerPoint Viewer option. Then close and restart the computer and try it again.
The problem remains. I can not add a Powerpoint from the schedule. I continue to have to import it into EW6 first. This is very troubling when I have to add a PPT on the fly during a service. I am running Powerpoint 16. Any other suggestions?
Usually if it doesn't work in the schedule it won't work in the resource area.
The only issue we know of is with viewer.
Please try the following.
Uninstall PowerPoint viewer.
Double check options and make sure the option to use viewer is unchecked.
Then open PowerPoint and make sure it's registered.
If you have a virus scanner other than microsoft defender, you may need to add an exception for the EasyWorship, Helper and the hook application files in c:\program files (x86)\softouch\easyworship 6
If that doesn't work, try repairing or uninstalling and reinstalling office.
This is why I use Macintosh. I am very upset. I had to update to EasyWorship seven, from 2009, and it is more complicated, not easier. I’m having difficulty importing a PowerPoint presentation into the schedule. Do you not understand why I cannot do that in 2009 it was fine and easy.
I believe a tech has emailed you so that we can try to help you with the issue.