[v6 General Discussion] Most Efficient Way to Backup Files


I was wondering if anyone in the forums has an efficient way to backup the files & media in Easyworship?

We've had to change computers at my church a few times -- we are now on our third one.

Each time, I've simply imported media files again and rebuilt the files and their properties. It's always a time-consuming venture.

Would you suggest a simple external drive that automatically backs up the Resources folder, or another approach?

Would audio and video files that are copied in such a way maintain their specific properties (e.g., repeat off, aspect ratio changes, etc.)? Is that kind of data saved when media files are copied from Easyworship to an external drive?


You might give the instructions at the following KB article a try.
https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... icles/8589
I backup the info database/resources in multiple ways. It is stored on a local SSD on our worship computer.

1. Server backup - runs a daily backup of changes, software we use is called Genie Backup

2. Local backup - run a weekly backup using the built in Windows backup copying the files from the EW SSD to another hard drive in the same computer.

3. Live Backup - Run another little program called Yadis that does a "Live" backup to my office computer (which is a backup to our worship computer). Basically it copies all changes as soon as they are made.
Please be careful with live backup software, as we have seen carbonite lock our db files while it was backing them up and we couldn't get back into them to make changes.
Been running this free software for months with no issues. But I hear you on possible issues.
I say if it's been working fine, I see no problem with it. I've used crashplan for years without issue. If you start using a software like this and EW starts throwing SQL errors (file is locked) you might switch it off while using EW or see if there is a setting to keep it from being so aggressive.
Hey, thanks, everyone!

We now have an external storage device so I'll set the EW profile to backup to that daily.