[v6 General Discussion] Image not working


I have a graphic that was working fine for about two weeks and now all of a sudden I get a blur. The image will show fine in the preview but on the live output it is blurred. I have deleted the image and re-imported it in, and even deleted it from the computer and re-saved it. Please help as this is very frustrating.

Thank you


That is really weird. Especially that it worked fine for weeks.

My first though was the resolution of the image may be low and therefore it would look fine on a small preview, but then pixelated on the full screen. But if it use to work fine, that would not make sense.

Perhaps you could try some different file types to see if another type would perform better. Also make sure the image is at minimum, the resolution of your display screen.

Go find the image and then right click it and the left click on properties and then details.

see what the dimensions are under width and height . Also if you create a ticket you could send me the image and I can test it here.