[v6 General Discussion] Some Issues Encountered: Powerpoint and easyworship 6

Good Morning All,

This post is to point out some things that I recently encountered and hopefully there is a solution or information on it. We currently have easyworship 6.5 and use powerpoint 2013 for our announcements. The issues are as follows:

[list:2qy1wtyy]If we switch from powerpoint announcement to a song there seems to be a huge lag. On easyworship it will show that the song is live but the annoucement is still on the screen. Regardless of how many times we go black or take of live it will still pull the powerpoint. Most times we have to restart easyworship.
[list:2qy1wtyy]Sometimes our mouse icon disappears at times when we are live and cannot be seen until we take off live and wait for some time.[/list:u:2qy1wtyy]

[list:2qy1wtyy]In easyworship 2009, users had the option to double click a song's slide on the live section and it will appear on the screens rather than selecting the slide and then clicking black. Is there a way that this can be enabled on easyworship6.[/list:u:2qy1wtyy]

[list:2qy1wtyy]In 2009 the live section of the screen gave a summary of each slide of a song using one line where now in easyworship 6 the entire text for the slide is visable. The go live section (middle) already shows the entire text so is there a way to have the live section (right side) use one line per slide again. This is useful for extremely long songs so that users do not have to constantly scroll up and down.
Thank you in advance for your response and advice.
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First I wanted to apologize for not answering this post. Somehow I seemed to have missed it.

On the switching from a PowerPoint to a song I need a little more information on your computer specifications.
What type of video card and CPU and amount of memory. Also do you have more than one version of PowerPoint installed on the machine? If you do you will need to un-install the one that you are not using and then run a repair on the one that you leave installed.

I do not know what would cause mouse icon disappear other than you might have it on the live screen and it will be covered up by the live output.

You can change the live view to show one icon with text on it which is the closest you will be able to get to that view.

First you will need to click on the view button and change it to one of the icon views then click back on the view button and change it to show text with icon.[attachment=1:eyodsg3l]iconwith_text.png[/attachment:eyodsg3l]

It will look like this after you change it.