[v6 General Discussion] MP4 & MOV Files Stopped Working, Here is what fixed it

Sunday, I noticed on one of our computers, MP4 and MOV files stopped playing. Other computers did not have the same problem.

This is a Windows 10 machine and I do not have Quicktime installed, only the K-Lite Codec Pack. This has always worked for us, not sure why others have had to install Quicktime.

Anyway, after trying a reboot without success, I went in and checked the K-Lite settings and sure enough, they has gone back to default. So I went to https://is.easyworship.com/support/kb/i ... 80&catId=9 and made all the tweaks listed on that page. I then shut down Easyworship and the Easyworship Helper, restarted EW and it was again working.

I am unsure what caused this to happen, only thankful I was able to quickly fix it. Thought I would post in case someone else runs into this.

I saw that post but it was different. For me, EW would gladly play wmv and mpg files. Also ALL videos would play in Windows Media Player. Another thing is all of our computers got the same Windows updates (I control them from WSUS) and it was not a problem on any other but the one.

So, I suspect, this is a different issue.
Well, this happened again on a different computer. All the K-Lite settings reverted back suddenly.