[v6 General Discussion] How do I save a presentation?

I am experimenting with the trial version of EW for my church. I made an announcement presentation and I want to save it under the "Presentations" tab so that eventually I can just go back in and do a quick edit of the slides each week without having to rebuild the entire thing. It will not let me just drag the slides into the "Presentations" tab. I tried clicking on the gear on the top right of the "Schedule" section to Import the file in as a New Presentation, however when I do that it just gives me two blank slides that say "Speaker's Name".

Is this just because I am using the trial version. After I purchase will I just be able to drag the whole presentation down to save it?
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Hey Edward!

I think I understand the problem. Are you creating a presentation in the Schedule section?
If so, you can save these using \File\Save Schedule.
If not, when I go to create a Presentation I go to the + sign in the Presentations tab and click on that once to open a new Presentation.

Let me know if this didn't answer your question.

Fred Callicoat | Tech Support