[v6 General Discussion] Profile question

We upgraded to EW6 when it first came out, but we maintained using EW2009, due to user comfort with the old interface.

Now we have redesigned our projection system, moving from analog output, to fully digital, and in the process getting a new video card, that supports 6 displays, via 6 mini DisplayPorts.

I have copied our database from EW2009, and transferred it to EW6, however since making the transfer, we are getting some funny flickering between our main desktop monitor and the FOH projectors. This wasn't happening before we transferred the old database in.

What all is associated with our databases? I see all of our background images, videos, and of course songs are included, but are settings also copied? Is there anyway to transfer only the songs and images, if settings are also included?



Try creating a new empty profile with just the default data and see if it still occurs. If it does then you probably have a video card or cabling issue. If it does not let me know.
Thanks Terry, I'll give it a shot this evening.
To follow up, we went last night with the intent of playing around and trying your suggestion, but everything worked great before we even needed to create a new profile.

I will keep this in mind though. We have a Missionary conference at church this weekend, so Easyworship will get a good workout from Saturday through next Wednesday.