[v6 General Discussion] Primary and secondary displays

Every time I log onto EW I have to go through the following steps

Open Easy Worship File
Select ‘Edit’ then ‘Options’
Change ‘Output monitor’ to Monitor 2 (primary) then ‘OK’
Select ‘Edit’ then ‘Options’
Change ‘Output monitor’ to Monitor 1 (secondary) then ‘OK’

If I don't live will be on the PC monitor not the projector - why is this?


I am sorry that you are having this issue. Can you tell me if you are using a laptop or a desktop and the version of Windows? Also what video card you have in the machine?
It's been a while since the original poster posted above - but we are experiencing the same issues at our location as well. The specs of the computer we are using are below

EasyWorship: latest build (just checked for updates to be sure)
Windows 10 x64 (OS Build: 14393.693, Version 1607, Windows 10 Home)
Ram: 8gb
Processor: AMD Quad Core - 4.2GHZ
Graphics Cards: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 (x2) driving 4 displays
1. Computer monitor
2. Foldback display
3. + 4. are mirrored outputs. 3. runs to the front projector while 4 runs to a splitter in the hallway which powers three tvs. Since 3 and 4 are mirrored we always make sure that both 3 and 4 are up and running BEFORE launching the application (if we don't display issues multiple even more instead of just having to flip where live and foldback are on the system)
This sounds to me like it could be an issue with the video card/s you have in your PC.

I learned years ago that computers with nVidea cards seem to require all displays to be connected and turned on at boot up or the computer will think it is only a single monitor PC. There is no way to turn on or enable extra displays once booted up. This can be very frustrating.

Also some video cards - like on my laptop - will lose sync if you disconnect a display - like if you have more than one PC connected to your projector and you switch between them which I do if required. We have our main PC which is normally running the projector but if the preacher wants to use his own we switch his to the projector. Some video cards will switch off that display and you need to resync it before the projector will show it again. Not what you want in a live audience situation.

To solve this issue, I have purchased several Star tech ST122LE 2 port VGA splitter/ amplifiers (Off eBay). These are plugged directly into the video card or video output and when the computer boots up, they fool the PC into thinking there are 2/3/4 displays whether they are connected/switched on or not.

If I have my laptop in a setup where I am using two laptops with a VGA switch to select which goes to screen, my laptop will lose sync and when I switch back it will resync - of course that is not good on screen in front of your audience. These splitters do the trick and again fool my laptop into thinking there is always a display connected. Other splitters may also do the same trick.

I have also used computers with ATI cards which seem to behave quite different - some even remembering you have told that PC it has 2/3 displays attached and boots up thinking they are attached whether they are or not. That means you can just plug another display in and it will light up - even after bootup.