[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship Freezes After Importing Powerpoints

So, I've had this issue since we switched over to Easyworship 6, about a year ago. Whenever I import our Powerpoint hymns for the service into the presentations database, and then drop them into the schedule the program freezes. The mouse icon does not show up when hovered over the program, and it has to be shutdown via task manager.

If anything this issue has taught me to save the service more often! I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue, or possibly come up with a solution.

The freezing issue happened before and after upgrading to version 5.5. We use Powerpoint 2016, on our dedicated services computer. Normally I just work around the issue, but for one of our Christmas Eve services I had to prepare 11 hymns for the service, and Easyworship crashed 4 times. I would be lying if I said it wasn't aggravating.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this issue.

Thanks in advance.

This just started for me this past week. It has ocassionally frozen and crashed in the past -- but then when I re-open it the powerpoint is there and good to go. This past week's it crashed as soon as I clicked on the import powerpoint icon. I ended up exporting jpg slides from powerpoint and then putting those in as images -- but that's a little clunkier.

I too would appreciate some help!


I realized I had well over 100 presentations stored. I deleted most of them (some were 2 years old). After I did that, everything is working fine.
The thing is I never have any more presentations stored in Easyworship than I need for any given service, and I always take them out once I start working on the new service. I have all our hymns and songs stored in the file system. The system that Easyworship uses of duplicating the files, and storing them in its own database seems clunky to me, and I don't like having to look through presentations that aren't being used within said database.
Hi alexlouisarmstrong,

If you don't wish for your files to be duplicated, you may add them to the schedule directly as you did in previous versions.
Drag and drop one or more powerpoints into the schedule, or click the gear icon, add item, Browse for PowerPoint File. You may select more than one to add to the schedule at one time.