[v6 General Discussion] Live Output not showing

Since upgrading to EW 6.5.5, we have had trouble using EW due to unstable Live Output.
We are using a HP ProBook 470 G2, preparing the schedule at home, showing in church. During the last weeks, we have had problems getting the Live Output in the church. The first times this happened, we solved the problem by reinstalling EW and restarting the computer several times. But now before the Christmas services, this did not help. (We avoided the disaster by producing PowerPoints "on the fly"...)
At home, EW mostly have functioned normally, but today I have managed to provoke the problem a few times by changing from Secondary to Primary monitor and back. EW then some times (not always!) gets into hang (not answering). After the new start, Live Output is only black.
During this weeks, it has also been some big updates for Windows. I don't know if there is a connection with the EW Live output-problems, but after starting the computer, the disk-use is very high (80-100%) for several minutes. Also changing options in EW, triggers high disk-use.
Windows version is now Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 (OS-build 14393.576)
Graphic (secondary) AMD Radeon R5 M255 driverversion, (primary) Intel HD Graphics version
We desperately need som help with this problem! When EW is in this unstable condition, we need to prepare PowerPoints as backup, and the operator needs to be quite competent to get everything out in correct order. We hope this situation will not last too long...

It sounds like this computer has a switchable graphics card. We've found that Windows is having some kind of issue with full screen rendering with these types of cards. It wants to render the primary and secondary monitor as one surface for better performance, but it doesn't seem to work well with these types of video cards. Try going to edit, options, and reduce the screen resolution by 1 pixel. So it would be something like 1024x767 or 1023x768 or 1019x1080. This probably will get it working for you.
Thank you for answering!
I am trying your solution, and as for now, it works. Hopefully it will work in the church tonight too. I will give you the results tomorrow.

It works - thank you! Good to be back in control again during New Years midnight service.
I don't understand what you mean by a "switchable graphics card", but as long as the solution works, it doesn't matter.
The solution also explains why EW worked at home, but not in church: At home I usually connects the laptop to an external monitor to see the output. To be sure the text-size will be correct in church, I use output solution 1024x768 - the same as the projector in church uses. The external monitor shows 1280x960, so then I had in fact redused the output with some pixels and avoided the rendering problem.
switchable graphics cards are really two video cards. The intel video card that comes with the CPU and a dedicated Video card that is used for heavy graphics processing. The intel card saves power and is good for day to day work, the dedicated card is good for 3d rendering and media playback.