[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship freezes

I've had a problem with Easyworship over the past couple of months ever since downloading the new version whereby the program completely freezes - usually during song slides are being shown. Just about every week for the past six weeks we've had the program freeze during worship - which is really upsetting to singers and I'm sure the congregation is wondering why we can't get our act together. What do you recommend we do to remedy this? Go back to the previous version?
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A recent update to the PlaysTV app that is bundled with AMD video card drivers. When it is running, it monitors EasyWorship and injects into the program, causing corrupted memory and EasyWorship to crash. The PlaysTV app starts when you start your computer up.

To resolve this issue, we recommend uninstalling the PlaysTV app from Programs and Features in Control panel or disabling it in the startup list in task manager.

If the machine does not have this installed let me know.