[v6 General Discussion] Stable NVIDIA Drivers for Windows 10


Please can you recommend a stable release of NVIDIA drivers for Windows 10 (we're using a GTX650 card, using all three outputs on the card)?

Since using Windows 10 we're experiencing a huge number of driver crashes, often mid-service. There are numerous posts on the Internet regarding the instability of NVIDIA drivers on Windows 10.

While I realise that this isn't specifically an EasyWorship issue, the NVIDIA cards are the manufacturer that is recommended by EasyWorship, and I'm hoping that you have experience of a stable release of the drivers while using EasyWorship.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I am using an nVidia 750 here at work with Windows 10 and no issues and a 650 at home Windows 10 and no issues.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 from another version of Windows I would suggest doing a complete un-install and then re-install of the video card drivers.