[v6 General Discussion] Audio over a song

OK - so I get the basics. If I want an mp3 file to play during a song, then I simply drag it onto the song. If I do it this way, then I can move freely around the words slides, and the audio just keeps playing. But here's the thing. I want to introduce the song - say v1 and chorus - using an mp3 file. Then live musicians will take over, and play the song, using the words slides from the start. So I have an mp3 which is just v1 and chorus, and then it stops. But loading the audio by drag-and-drop sets the mp3 to repeat when it gets to the end.

If I use the property inspector to turn off the auto-repeat, then it only plays once. But it restarts every time I change the words slide!

My previous software would allow me to have an audio cue before the song cue, and I could set the audio cue to play once, but not stop when the next cue (the song cue) was fired - EW6 can't do that. The only work around I can think of is to edit the audio to add 4 minutes of silence on the end of the mp3 file. Is there an easier way to do this?
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Perhaps you could load the same song lyrics into your schedule twice: the first instance attached to the mp3, then go live to the second instance (with no mo3 attached) when ready for the band to take over?