[v6 General Discussion] splitting a verse in to sections

I just upgraded to the latest version 6 v5.5 from 2009. it is now starting to look like we can attempt to upgrade the church computer to this version. However there is still some questions I have.
- in the 2009 EW I was able to select a verse in a song if it was to lengthy and just insert an empty line and EW would automatically adjust the font size and put it on 2 separate slides. Now with EW6 it will just show an empty line and both parts of the verse are still on the same slide. I would have to cut half of the verse and insert a new slide and paste text to the new slide. / Is there a configuration somewhere that i missed that would enable this?
-I also couldn't find a "reverse" (step back) button in the editing screen. If I made a mistake I had to cancel the whole thing and start over again.
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In EW 6 to do the same thing you hold CTRL and press Enter to break up the slide into a new one. At this time there is not a un-do option but it is on the developers list.