[v6 General Discussion] How to change text box location for an entire song

I have a background that I want to use this week for a specific song, however the text box needs to be moved on all the slides to the right so the words don't cover up a special part of the background. I noticed that if I change the size of the text box and move it to the side on one slide, it doesn't do it on all the other slides in the song (like it used to in EW2009)

I want all the text boxes on all the slides of the song to be the exact same size and in the exact same location. Is the best way to make a song template for that specific background and then apply the template to that song?

I'm still trying to get used to EW6, and I've found that I can't base anything on how I used to do things in EW2009 because the two programs are sooo different, so I'm not sure the best way to accomplish this. (I've used EW for about 15 years).


All you need to do is right click on the image and Copy to Song Theme. Then go to themes and right click on the image that you just added and click on EDIT SONG THEME. Then click on the text box and place it where you wan the text to show up. Then you can apply this theme to the song or songs that you want the text to show up in a certain location.
okay, that's what I thought (when I said "Template", I meant "Theme")
So it's best to work with different song themes when formatting
Yes themes are the way to go.