[v6 General Discussion] power point

For the past 2 Sundays, when I go to live for my Power Point announcements or sermons notes - it doesn't happen. My slides for songs and scripture work perfectly but not anything from Power Point. Any idea what I need to do or change?

Is everything small on that screen, or just PowerPoints?
Easyworship is small = I have a pic of what it looks like but don't know how to post it one here!
When I bring Easyworship up to start, it is good on my monitor 1 but on the TV monitor it is small. It was fine before the change of the updated office!
Does the windows wallpaper fill the screen?
Have you verified that the screen resolution for the second monitor is set to the appropriate resolution for that screen?
EasyWorship will fit whatever the second screen resolution is set to.
In EW, make sure under edit, options, advanced that your output monitor is set to either Secondary Monitor or custom position with the correct resolution set on the right.
Also, check out the instructions at the following link to make sure PowerPoint is setup properly.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... resolution