[v6 General Discussion] IP Camera Feed

Is it possible for EasyWorship to use an IP camera?

In VLC (or CCTV software etc) I can just enter in the URI and get the MJPEG/H264 stream.


I have tested this in EW and it does not work. You can add it as a feature request here. https://support.easyworship.com/support/discussions/forums/6000039150:293tl4ge]Click Here
Feature requested!

Bumping this one back up.

Easyworship 7 now has support for NDI.

NDI is a form of IP streaming with a multicast discovery protocol. NDI compresses each frame individually like MJPEG with a limited compression rate but with very low latency.

NDI HX uses H.264 RTSP, but with a modified way to send the frame data incrementally rather than the traditional group-of-frames and encoding with redundancy. It has a higher compression rate and medium latency. Uses the same mDNS discovery as NDI.

So my question is, if EasyWorship can happily use a NDI feed with the clever auto discovery... Could it use traditional RTMP and RTSP but with the camera feed URL being manually entered?

@EasyWorship: Could this topic be moved please to the EW7 forum as that has been released since I first posted this?

FYI anyone else reading, there is a workaround available that you can use. If you download NDI Tools from NewTek, you can make VLC send an NDI stream. So you get VLC to receive your IP Camera stream as RTMP/RTSP/whatever, get VLC to send it back out as NDI, and bring the NDI into EasyWorship as a feed.

Not ideal, but a useful workaround for now.