[v6 General Discussion] hiding words from public

EW used to enable the insertion of the symbols {} in a song title (and copyright info, too, I believe but not sure), which prevented the words within from projecting. Are there other symbols within 6 to allow this? We have a need to differentiate songs with the same titles but different arrangements. And this was the easiest way to immediately see them in the database, i.e. the titled Blessed Be The Name {cottrell} is the version arranged by Travis Cottrell but set apart from the titled song of the public domain hymn with all the verses and such.

Thanks in advance for any help! Jeanie


Thanks for the input. I have added it to the list of features for the developers to look at. There is no time frame on when or if it will be added back in to the program.
This would also answer my problem details in the "Useability two: verse/chorus/bridge labelling independent of slide" thread