[v6 General Discussion] Label coloring in song editor


Just downloaded EW 6.5.5 and went to edit a song
and noticed that the labels for "Verse, Chorus" appear in black text and black background instead of the normal blue or purple
highlighting the area and or spelling it incorrectly seems to make it appear
how are we suppose to follow a song if we have no idea where its going?

am I the only one experiencing this problem or is there others?
or is there any fix for this ( it is quite annoying)

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Hi Eric,

I'm sorry you are having this issue, but we have a fix for you.
Open the file explorer or windows explorer.
In the address bar at the top type in %appdata% and press enter.
Open the Softouch folder, then EasyWorship.v6.1, then Settings.
Open the Usersettings.ini file using notepad.
Find the section called Label Info and delete that whole section.
Save and close the options file
Reopen EasyWorship and it should be reset to default colors.