[v6 General Discussion] Songs, Media gone after upgrade to 6.5

I updated from 6.x to 6.5 Sunday afternoon. I had two schedules saved, one for the evening service. That one worked that night. Today, I was planning to move everything to a new computer and I noticed that none of my Songs, Presentations, Media, etc. are available. The schedules still open and show the songs but the database is obviously corrupted since the upgrade.

I copied the directories to a new computer and it has the same problem as the original one.

Unlike previous versions of EasyWorship, I see no way to rebuild the database from the menus.
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I am sorry that this has happened. I do not think that the data is gone. You may have it pointed to a different profile. If you can call us here while you or someone else are at the computer and it has a connection to the internet then we can set up a remote and take a look at the issue.