[v6 General Discussion] Differing behaviours on double-clicking song in resource area

I have two computers with virtually identical setups - both Windows 10 (1607), both EW 6.5.5. On one, double-clicking on a song in the resource area behaves as advertised - it goes straight to live display. On the other computer, double-clicking on a song adds it to the current schedule.

Each of these behaviours has something going for it, but I have no idea why the machines behave differently. I actually quite like the version that adds the song to the schedule!

This difference was also present when both machines were Win 10 (1511) and EW 6.4.8.

Any ideas?

Doug Brecknell
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This is a setting in EW. If you click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED you can either check or un-check the option to show live screen on start up. If it is not checked then it will add the item to the schedule since the live screen is turned off.