[v6 General Discussion] [RESOLVED]Problem with video/audio

I have just installed Easyworship 6.5.5
I did this because I had some problem with some video/audio.
I was hoping that the new pre-release version would solve my problem, but it did not.
For version 6.4.8 everything was working.
The only problem I had was that when I played a MP4 movie, the video was running behind the sound.
It also looked like the video was not really smooth.
I had install Quicktime with all the advice settings and also installed K-Lite with the adviced settings.
But no luck.
I had converted the MP4 movie to MOV because I thought that this maybe would fix it.
Again, no luck.
If I play the movie in VLC or Windows Media player, everything is ok.
Only in Easyworship I have this problem.
After this, I had installed the pre-release version 6.5.5 and was hoping that this would fix the problem.
And again, no luck.

Anyone any idea what I can do ?
I need a solution very quick because of a up coming anniversary and they want to show the video(s)
So to be short, Easyworship is up-to-date.
The computer is up-to-date (Winodws 10)
The video is playing in VLC and Windows media player.
Video and sound are in sync.
In Easyworship video is running behind the sound.

Many thanks for your tips and help

Kind regards,


I am sorry that you are having this issue.

In order to trouble shoot the issue I will need some more information.

What is the CPU type and Speed? Example: 3.0 GHz Intel i5 or i7 Processor

The amount of RAM? Example:8 GB RAM

What video graphics card? Example: NVIDIA GeForce GT 250, AMD Raedeon 4650 or Intel3000

What version of Windows? Example: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
Just wanted to give a update.
Thanks with the help of the support of Easyworship, the problem was fixed.

The video and sound were out of sync.
The reason for this was that the video was in HD.
Not sure if it was the laptop that could not handle this, but when the video was converted to SD, everything was working the way it should be.

Hope this can be of help to others.
we have 2 services on Sunday the first service all videos(3) ran fine, 2nd service the last video had sound no video! This week I cold started the laptop between services thinking it maybe a memory issue, again in 2nd service the last video(3) again had sound and no video! We have had no issues prior to two weeks ago!
For EasyWorship 6, install Quicktime player to resolve this issue.
You can get it here. https://support.easyworship.com/support ... icles/8591
EasyWorship 7 uses a better solution to correct this issue.
I have been experiencing video issues for a couple of months now. The video would either freeze or be very slow and jerky. The audio for the video would run ok. I downloaded all the latest windows updates, installed the latest Quicktime, the latest K-Lite codecs and nothing would work. In desperation, in Easyworship I went into edit/options/advanced and checked the box to Disable GPU shrink filter. I ran a small 2 minute video and it ran perfectly. I then ran a 20 minute video and it ran perfectly. I have 2 services since then and no more issues with videos. I am using Easiworship