[v6 General Discussion] schedule locked by user

My pastor makes his schedule on a laptop at home and e-mails it to the Sanctuary computer. After a recent update his files will no longer open on the sanctuary computer. It says they are locked by another user or something like that. How do we fix this? I have tried to update out sanctuary computer but it says that it is up to date.


Have you tried the 6.5.5 pre-release. It may work for you. You can get it here.
https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... re-release
Thank you for your response, I just updated our sanctuary computer and tried to open it again. Unfortunately we still got the same message "schedule locked by another user" We are going to try to delete Easy Worship on our pastors laptop and load it again and see if that works.
Where is the schedule file when you are trying to open it? Can you rename the file in Windows?
I think this is more of a problem caused by the email client. I use Yahoo and it has done this to me a few times already. I have to go to the location of the file in Windows Explorer and right click on the file. Choose properties, and uncheck Read only. The schedule has always opened after doing this.