[v6 General Discussion] Version 6.5.4 (pre-release)

Version 6.5.4 is an update to 6.5.x but has not been tested by support. It addresses issues with 6.5.x locking up. Once support tests this version, we will submit it for the regular updating process.

For now this download should only be used by customers who have a schedule created in 6.5.x and have no way of rolling back to 6.4.8 due to time constraints. Basically you are sitting at church with a schedule in your hand you created in 6.5.x somewhere else and you now need to open it for service that starts in 5 minutes. Otherwise wait until the official release, likely on Tuesday.

This is a pre-release. if you need instructions on rolling back to 6.4.8 you can find them here.

If you wish to proceed with 6.5.4, you can download it here.
https://easyworship.com/downloads/ew_bu ... .5.4.0.zip
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6.5.5 Pre-Release is now available. Check it out! https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... re-release