[v6 General Discussion] New Version Issues - Urgent

Was trying to call support, but could not get through as the cue is full. So...

I just upgraded to the newest release (6.5). On my live output screen I am getting to grey boxes. One at the top right and one all the way across the bottom. It looks like where the clock and messages would be on the foldback.

The other problem is every time I open the options menu and then close it, EW goes non-responsive.

Need help ASAP with this! At a minimum, please provide a link to the previous version so I can reinstall it to work for Sunday.

Hi Craig,
I've sent you an email.
I have he same issue - I used the new build 5.3 for the first time today to project for a wedding service and had dark-grey/black cut-outs on all screens where the clock would be in the top right-hand corner and also all across the bottom of the screen obscuring the copyright information.
Unless I can clear these areas to see what is on the underlying screen, the display looks very unprofessional.
Somehow foldback settings were loaded into the old livenursery settings file. You'll need to reconvert your options without the livenurserysettings file present.
Open EasyWorship.
Click on the profile menu, then click on profile manager.
click the link to the profile you are using on the right side of the profile manager.
Close the profile manager and close EasyWorship.
In the file explorer window that appeared when you clicked the link, find the v6.1 folder.
Then find the options folder and open it.
You'll normally have just one .ewo folder there.
Open it.
Rename data to data.old
Rename livenurserysettings.db to liveneurserysettingsold.db
Delete the file named converted.
Reopen EasyWorship and you should be good to go.