[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6, problems with mouse control

I have downloaded and installed Easyworship 6(4.8.0) on my laptop.
My church wanted to know if it would be something they could use.
After downloading and installing (the evaluation copy) I noticed a problem with controling the mouse.
It is installed on a Asus i5 laptop with Windows 10 and all the updates.
The laptop is working without any problem.
But after I have started easyworship, I have problems controling the mouse(cursor)
If I do a clean startup of the laptop, I can go in the explorer and go through my folders and copy and past files.
But after I have started easyworship, if I am lukcy, I can open explorer and if I am really lucky I can open a folder.
If I want to open a file or copy it, I need to double click or click multiple times and hope it will work.
Also the right click is giving the same problem.
This is also in easyworship if i want to open a schedule I had made.
Normaly you would see something like a blue marker so you can see what you will select, but there is no blue marker.
I also need to click multiple times to get the schedule to open.
If i want to open a power point presentation, the same problem.
With great difficulty I can open the USB drive and the folder and after many quick clicks, if i am lucky, I can import the powerpoint.
When I close easyworship, the problem is still there.
The only way how to fix this, is to reboot the laptop.
I am using a usb mouse and I have try it on different usb ports. but no result.
The usb mouse is working great on a different pc/laptop or after a clean boot and before starting easyworship.
The mousepad has the same problem.
Anyone any idea what this problem is and how i can solve this ?

Before I forget, I also try to uninstall and download and reinstall easyworship, but no result.
And I just noticed something else.
If in easyworship I go to help, the help menu will fold open.
If then I try to go down the lis, then suddenly the mouse/cursor is on the menu option "Edit"
Only if I point the mouse on "help" and use my cursor key's, I can go down the list.
This is all very strange.

Many thanks for your time and tips.
Gr. Pierre


The only thing that I have seen that might be causing this is if the EasyWorship helper is stuck trying to build a thumbnail or a PowerPoint file. In EasyWorship click on HELP//BACKGROUND HELPER and see if it is stuck on a file. If it is you can click STOP and then navigate to the that file and delete it or move it.

I had a very similar problem to this while trying to import a PowerPoint presentation into EasyWorship.

The background helper was constantly cycling while saying it was importing the PowerPoint and no thumbnail appeared, the file with the correct size was in the resources folder and would run in the PowerPoint application but was not available for use in EasyWorship only a greyed out box in “Presentations”. The mouse was almost uncontrollable.

After much messing about deleting and reimporting I reduced the size of the PowerPoint file and everything worked fine.

It was a large PowerPoint that is used for pre service announcement with lots of graphics and some slides that are hidden. The file size was over 11Mb and when I reduced it to just over 9Mb it was fine.

I was unaware of a size restriction on PowerPoint file or was I just unlucky.

Not a major issue just inconvenient.

Any thoughts?

I have fixed my problem.
After looking around on the Easyworship website, I found a page about how to install Easyworship.
Just to make sure, I had just followed all the steps in there.
I already had installed the program because it was very simple to me.
But after following the steps, I reached the part about installing Quicktime.
As far as I know, Quicktime was already installed, but just to go for sure, I had follow the steps to do so.
My thought was, if Quicktime is already installed and it is up-to-date, I would get some messages.
To my surprice, I did not get any message about Quicktime that it was already installed.
So Easyworship had installed Quicktime.
After that, just to make sure, I had rebooted my laptop.
When I started Easyworship, everything was working the way it should be.
The mouse was not jumping around or acting up.

Maybe it is a good idea, to place all the needed steps, on the download page.
This way, people can do the download and install the correct way.

Anyway, everyone, thanks for your tips and help.

Kind regards,