[v6 General Discussion] How to progress Presentations with the Cursor Keys

Hello All,

When we have scriptures or songs in the live presentation the cursor keys to progress or reverse in the presentation.
However when we are using embedded presentation (no matter if they are powerpoint or the internal ones), we are not able to progress the slide with the cursos keys?
When using the cursor keys, the selection in the schedule view is progressing, but not the slides. No matter where the focus is.
Only the Left and Right button in the Live Output view seem to work.

But since we want the minister control his presentation with a remote presentation key, this doesnt work.

Do others also have this problem? Or is this maybe a bug?

We are using EW 6 Build 4.8

Any tips are welcome

Gerrit Koelewijn
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You should be able to use a presenter remote to advance the slides in EW. There is a general hotkeys file that you can install that should work for most remotes. You will just need to close EW and install the file and then you can use the remote to advance the slides. You do need to make sure that the Live window is in focus for the hotkeys to work.

https://easyworship.com/downloads/HotKe ... senter.exe