[v6 General Discussion] Audio file skipping


My wife was playing an audio file from the preview section of EW6 today. It got about 8 seconds in and skipped straight to the end of the song.

She brought the laptop back home for me to investigate. The audio file plays fine within iTunes. It skips in EW6. The other audio files from the same CD play fine in both iTunes and EW6.

I tried deleting it and re-adding to EW6 but no change.

Any thoughts?


Hi Buff,

I apologize about this issue, I will need a bit more information to help you with this. Would you be able to tell me what file type that audio file is? Are you adding that audio file to the Audio option under the Media tab or under videos? Can you also try moving the progress bar past the 8 seconds mark and starting to play from that point?

Please let me know what you find.
It's a m4a file. All the other files (which are working) are the same.

I did think of moving the progress bar but forgot to mention the results in the initial post - it skips to the end again!