[v6 General Discussion] EW6 & PowerPoint with Embedded video

When we import a PowerPoint file into EW6 and upload it into the schedule, everything works fine with the exception of the embedded video file in our PowerPoint. EW6 displays the initial image of the video on that particular slide, but it gives no option or means of starting or playing the video.
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To use video or audio in a PPT in EW successfully, you will need to make sure the presentation is created on the same computer that you're projecting with, or make sure it was created in PPT 2010 or newer. Make sure in EW6, you have the default option set under Edit, Options, Advanced for EW to use the PPT application (box unchecked). You will also need to have the video set to auto play when you go to that slide. There won't be an option in EW to start a video manually in a PPT file.