[v6 General Discussion] Merge Two EW6 Databases

Is it possible to to merge two EW6 databases?

We have two profiles and would like to add all songs into one single DB. All of the songs in the second DB are straight text no backgrounds etc.

I was hoping to "schedule and import" but I see that function isn't currently available and, there's 1,000+ songs in second DB

In EW'09 I was able to link to DB and manipulate/import/export, what DB format is EW6?


I am sorry but at this time there is not a way to merge two separate databases.

As a work around you can open the profile you want and then add items to the schedule then save it . Then switch to the other profile and open the schedule you saved and add items from the other profile.
Thanks for the reply.

I'm a SQL DB Admin, what is the back end DB for EW6? Perhaps I can make a connection and push them in (Backup first!)
It's a sqlite db.