[v6 General Discussion] intermitant loss of songs from database

Can you please tell me why I lose songs from database that are used on a regular basis? This is frustrating and has lead to comments from members of the AV team at my church that it is more difficult worship than easyworship.

Hi Davents,

I think you may need to follow these instructions to force EW 6 to reconvert your DB.
This may resolve the issues in your three most recent posts.
Here are the instructions for forcing EasyWorship 6 to reconvert your EasyWorship 2009 or 2007 database.

1. In EW6, click on the Profiles Menu
2. Click Profiles Manager
3. Click the link next to Instance Location (a new window will open)
4. Click on the EW program behind that new window and close the Profile Editor and close EW.
5. In the new window that opened from step 3, double click the v6.1 folder
6. Double click the Databases folder
7. Rename the Data folder to Data.old
8. Close that window and open EW6
9. Click Convert Data on the prompt when EW6 opens
thanks Rodger