[v6 General Discussion] foldback background

We love the new easy worship and for the first time are using foldback, which so far, our praise team loves.

One problem (ok I won't mention wanting alerts ) One of our leaders is kind of color blind and said for her, it is specifically black and white.

the normal foldback background of black is ok, but since we can change the background color of foldback clock and bottom line, she wondered why we can't change general background as well

note we had a text slide with black text on a white background and she said "someone else read it"

1) can we change foldback background color
2) foldback alerts would sure be lovely

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This is a great request. We have had this requested before on our feature request forum. Make sure you vote for it.

https://support.easyworship.com/discussions/topics/6000021864:3accp50a]Click Here

We're not quite ready to implement this feature, but it is on the list to be done. Good news, message alerts are almost here.