[v6 General Discussion] import songselect

import button in songselect is light grey so I am unable to import song lyrics.
Sometimes it is dark grey & I can use it, or it is dark grey for few seconds.

yes, I can get around it but copy/paste but that is not how it should be.


i have seen this on some computers before with a slower connection to the internet. Try clicking back and forth a few times between the Over and Lyrics tab and the import button should then appear.
I have a fast fibre connection and the Import button remains greyed out whatever I do.

I am sorry that you are having this issue. Here is a link about the new SongSelect webpage and how to get it to work in EW6

http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=15076&sid=4d06ee2233f00f68d65033f52870bdb2:17t7lv80]Click here