[v6 General Discussion] No prompt to convert EW2009 db

Following the directions here to move from one PC with 2009, to a new PC with 6.1:
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... -6-to-ew6-

From what I can tell, all of these steps distill down to these essentials:
1. Rename the existing 6.1 profile subfolders by adding .old to their names.
2. Copy the options, resources, and database subfolders and their content from the 2009 profile root dir to the new profile root dir.

Perhaps I missed something, since EW6 does not prompt to convert the old database when I launch it.
What does EW6 look for to determine that a conversion is needed? The existence of a specific .db file in a specific place? A combination of things? (Observation: if the v6.1 directory is renamed or does not exist, then EW6 will prompt to load the demo data.)

Thank you!

Make sure that the databases folder you copy in has a data folder in it with database files and a version.dat file.
The path to the data folder should be something like this.
...public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\default\databases\data
It will look there for the version.dat, which I suspect is not there.
If it is not there, Create a text file and open it with notepad then type in 2009.1.3
Save the file as version.dat.
We'll just have to hope that the database is actually from the latest 2009 database format.
Yes, that was it. Thank you!
Awesome! I'm glad that worked!